Our Values


We aspire to become a long lasting and exemplary organization


We got so far and we will achieve our vision through constructive collaboration


We are growing in a developing world and there are no limits to innovation

Who We Are

Founded in 2006, Axis is the leader in development and implementation of web and mobile applications solutions in Rwanda. In addition to provisioning web and mobile based management systems, Axis has enhanced the presence of organizations and information resources on the web via portal development. Axis’s clientele ranges from small businesses to medium enterprises and government.

We believe in creating value and realizing individual’s and organizations’ full potential through the use of IT. This is achieved through intensive research of technologies most suitable to our market and developing them to better respond to the needs of markets such as ours. Each client’s needs are valued as a unique and profound opportunity to improve our selected mostly open-source technologies and our technologists towards being the best.